Questions and Frustrations


As at the time of writing this, I haven’t run for four days…

Like many runners, I have the occasional ache and pain, some of which seem to reappear every so often. However, I am lucky enough to have never had an injury that has stopped me from running. Until now.

Without launching into a long and boring list of symptoms, I think it may be because my hips are wonky! I first saw a physiotherapist about hip pain over 15 years ago, way before I ever started running and I think I have been treating symptoms rather than causes ever since. The latest ache turned into a big ache in the middle of a run and so I have an appointment with a new sports injury therapist in a couple of days.

In my few days off, I have found myself looking enviously at other runners, staring wistfully at snow free trails and surfing running shoe stores online with credit card in hand. All this has made my mind race on from where it should realistically be and start to wonder What if? What if I can’t run for ages? What if I could never run again? What would I do? and more importantly, Who would I be?

It probably sounds crazy to non runners, but I’ll bet most of you readers will understand exactly what I mean. Running has become such a part of me, it’s what I love to do and it’s a huge part of who I am. It has made me healthy and happy. It has helped me through some very stressful and difficult times and been the source of great celebrations. Running has enabled me to meet so many inspiring people and travel to many beautiful parts of the world. It has given me such wonderful experiences such as being an ambassador for brands and races, helping organize local events and being on radio and television.

So as I wait for my appointment, I will try not to panic about the training I should be doing. I will be happy for other runners who are out there when I’m not and I will commit to whatever the therapist tells me to do.

But first, I think I will just press that little button that says ‘order now’…



8 thoughts on “Questions and Frustrations

  1. What, your joints not standing up to the pounding your giving them!. I won’t say it! Xx

    Sent from my iPad Malcolm Henderson


  2. I know what you mean šŸ˜¦ I have been struggling with the random & recurring pains. Two books that I recommend: Unbreakable Runner by Brian MacKenzie & Ready to Run by Kelly Starrtett. Good luck!

  3. I had this saved to reply to you to, but I forgot about it until now. First off – I am so sorry to hear you are injured. Second.. I know EXACTLY how you feel.

    I completely blew my left knee in January of 2013. I was training for my first Hypothermic Half the following month, and it was a horrid winter that year here in Eastern Alberta. Snow & ice everywhere, I’d never really ran in winter before so I didn’t have a set of ice grips to wear, and a minimal selection of winter running clothing. I would slip in nearly every step – causing a nasty sharp pain in the back of my knee. But hey.. I was a runner. I am trained to push through pain.. it’s only pain right? Enter a pair of ice grips… Yak Trax Run. They looked good online, so I ordered a pair. These are one product I will NEVER recommend to anyone. I wore them a few times with no big issues. One day, my route took me onto about 2km of clear pavement. Never even thought twice about it! When I got back onto the snow/ice covered road.. my knees (both) felt like they were going to explode. I once again pushed through that pain until I my run was done 1/2km later. This went on for I don’t know.. 2-3 runs maybe. Exploding knees.. not a nice feeling! Finally I went to the local chiropractor and massage therapist. (yeah I don’t do dr’s very well.. and there are no PT’s out here in the middle of nowhere) But both sides on my pelvis were WAY out of alignment, which in turn threw my knees out. My right wasn’t nearly as bad.. just had some ITB issues with it for a while. But my left? Yeah.. that one took some work. No running for me.. no Hypothermic Half, no Snowflake medal.. and any other races I’d pre-registered for that year were out too. I was “grounded” for all of 2013.. Ok this got a little long – sorry about that..

    My point all along was – I didn’t know if I could ever run again. For nearly 6 months, I could barely walk my puppy the 2 1/2 blocks to the park to play, most times I had to drive him because I would take 2-3 steps and nearly be on the ground I was in so much pain. I was SO jealous and envious when I’d see people running… there were times when I’d see someone that I actually cried I felt so sorry for myself, and my stupidity of pushing as much as I did. (but I knew no better.. it’s just pain.. keep going..) **Not when it’s joint pain!!** learned that one the VERY hard way!

    I would feel so down, wondering if that was it.. I finally found something I loved (I ran my first race just the previous spring in 2012), and just like that, it was taken from me. If I couldn’t walk 2 blocks.. how in the world was I ever going to be able to run at all, nevermind 21km?! (I love half marathons) But.. you know what.. After 6-8 months of weekly chiro/massage and being super strict with myself not letting myself run even if I felt good.. I slowly got back in it. My first run after injury was a whopping 1km, and a damn slow one at that. But. It was a start, and I was running. I gradually worked up my distance and speed.. I felt like I was starting over again. Any sign on pain or discomfort I would stop as I was terrified of going back to the way I was. Now, 2 years later.. I am (almost) as good as new. I do have to use KT Tape on my knee, I can’t run without it.. but at least I can once again run. Last year I did 7 half marathons, a few 10k’s and a couple trail runs. This year I aim to do about the same.

    So my very long winded point is my friend (we’re runners.. so we’re all “friends” right?) Do not give up. You are 150% allowed to be pissed and jealous when you see others running.. I sure as heck was. But with proper care, and listening both to your pt/dr/whoever you see AND your body.. you will be back into your runners and back on the road before you know it. I wish to you a speedy recovery, and no relapses due to trying to start again too soon! Take care of yourself, you WILL run again, and you will never again in your life take that ability for granted. I know I used to.. not anymore. Every step I run I am so grateful for.

    Good luck, take care, and i hope that in some little way this helped you and your thoughts just a little bit.

    • Hi Megan,
      Thanks for such encouraging words. I’m happy to hear that you are so much better now, but it sounds like you had a terrible time of it! You made me smile when I read about you not getting the snowflake medal for the hypo half! I love that medal and I’m planning on getting one eventually, I’m just a wuss when it comes to freezing weather!

      • The Hypo Half medals are awesome! Last year’s was a plain white snowflake shape… this year it’s a spinny one, with glittery snowflakes all over. Love them! You will get one šŸ˜€ It was actually very nice out on race day this year.. last year – another story, was -45. With the right gear the only part of me that ever feels cold is my face. I can’t cover my face as I can’t breathe if there’s anything infront of my mouth. Yes, it was a horrid time trying to get through that, both physically and mentally! I hope your recovery is much easier, and faster. (and my chiro hurt me too.. the first time I went I felt like I’d been hit 3-4 times by a semi for a few days…) Take care of yourself!

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