I’m a mother and grandmother, still (just) hanging on to my forties. I ran a half marathon a couple of years ago, and am now hooked! Last year I managed my first full marathon and am planning two more this coming year. I work as a teacher by day and a personal trainer by night. I have just started following a Vegan diet and am finding it challenging to persuade the die hard carnivores in my house!


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  1. Just saw you profiled by Another Mother Runner! I ran Calgary this year too! I live in Northern Montana (just a few miles south of the Canadian border), so I love following other mother runners from the general region (since many Alberta races are actually closer for me than Montana races!) Love it!

    • Hi Chandra, Great to connect with other mother runners! Did you do the 21k or 42k? I like that in Canada we talk in kilometres, it seems further and hardcore! What other races have you done? Will you be doing Calgary again next year? I think I will – it’s their 50th year and my year of being 50, so I have to!

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