All You Need is Love


This last week I have been reading some amazing blogs where the writer has written a letter of apology to their body. (See my blogging buddies at and  )The sentiments are that often as we mature,  we come to love our bodies with all their perceived faults and flaws and are grateful for the things they do for us and are able to focus on what an amazing design we are rather than superficial complaints such as ‘my legs are too short, fat, thin’, or, ‘I wish my butt was bigger/smaller’. On that subject, I spent many years hating my butt because I was convinced it was huge – this was long before various celebrities made having an ample behind something fashionably desirable.

untitled (8)

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist that picture!)

Since I became a runner, it shrunk drastically and so I am still not fashionable! Oh well!

This got me thinking what a valuable exercise this can be, even if you don’t want to write a letter, it is good to look back on the things you used to dislike about yourself and compare them to how you feel now. As a runner, I no longer look at my legs and wish they were longer and thinner, but I see them as strong and powerful. I am impressed how far they can carry me, and am grateful that they haven’t let me down yet!  I have even been known to talk to them when I’m running, ‘Come on legs, you got this.’

However, I am still not getting a pedicure – toenails? Who needs ‘em?



New Year, New You?

The presents have been unwrapped, turkey eaten, relatives visited and the tasteless sweater that Great Aunt Maude gave you has been consigned to the back of the closet. Phew… what’s next? Yes, it’s the countdown to New Year- possibly the most over rated holiday known to mankind.

Everyone wants to know what your plans are: eating out at a fancy, overbooked restaurant? Heading out to sample the nightlife? Or perhaps you’ll be partying with friends and relatives. Whatever your plans, there is the added expectation of the all important New Year resolutions. Do you make them? More importantly, do you keep them?

The main reason people make resolutions is to change something about themselves, or their lifestyle that they either don’t like, or think they shouldn’t like. Apparently the most popular resolutions are to lose weight, or to improve health in some way. I think we’d all agree that these are admirable and important changes, but, what we are really saying, is that there is something wrong with us, we are not good enough, we don’t like an aspect of our self, and think we should be more like someone else. Instead of allowing this negative state of mind, maybe we should love ourselves a little more and be kinder to ourselves.  After all, a promise that you will treat your body well, by giving it healthy foods and exercise so that it can work properly and efficiently is more likely to be successful than telling yourself that you are not as good as Perky Pam next door because you take a larger dress size than she does.

Be kind to yourself. Love yourself and your body, and if you do that, you will want to treat it well and those negative thoughts will be replaced by the question we should all  ask every day.. What can I do today to show my body that I love and value it?

“When you consider yourself valuable, you will take care of yourself in all ways that are necessary”. -M. Scott Peck